FJA Membership Committee

The FJA Membership Committee consists of board members from each circuit.  Below is a list of the committee members.  We thank the committee members for their valued and continued service to the FJA.  

Committee Chair - Leigh M. May (Northern District of Georgia)

1st Circuit - Gustavo Gelpi, Jr. (District of Puerto Rico)

2nd Circuit - Kevin Castel (Southern District of New York)

3rd Circuit - Cathy Bissoon and Donetta Ambrose (Western District of Pennsylvania)

4th Circuit - Bruce Hendricks (District of South Carolina)

5th Circuit - Nannette Brown (Eastern District of Louisiana)

6th Circuit - Ronnie Greer (Eastern District of Tennessee)

7th Circuit - David Herndon (Southern District of Illinois)

8th Circuit - Linda Reade (Northern District of Iowa)

9th Circuit - Mary Murguia (Court of Appeals), Richard Boulware (District of Nevada)

10th Circuit - "Chip" William Johnson (District of New Mexico), Marcia Krieger (District of Colorado)

11th Circuit - Leigh May (Northern District of Georgia)

D.C. Circuit - Chris Cooper (District of Columbia)

Fed. Circuit - Kara Stoll (Court of Appeals)