Judges Worldwide Offer Condolences for Orlando Tragedy

A message from the French Association of Magistrates (Judges):

Dear Chuck, 

I just wanted to express you, and all american people, my sympathy about what happened in Orlando.

French people are very shocked and sad about those terrible attacks.
I would like to show you solidarity in this terrible ordeal.


Virginie Duval

Head of the French Association of Magistrates (Judges)


Response by Judge Charles Simpson:

Cher Virginie,

Merci beaucoup pour votre aimable expression de sympathie et de solidarité.

Malheureusement, nous avons maintenant notre propre Bataclan.

Nous devons tous travailler pour éradiquer cette menace. Nos societes devrait avoir la paix, pas la guerre. Mais nous ne pouvons pas parvenir à la paix jusqu'à ce que la menace du terrorisme est éliminé.

L'Association des juges fédéraux des États-Unis apprécie beaucoup le soutien des magistrats français.

Avec respect,


Dear Virginie,

Thanks very much for your kind expression of sympathy and solidarity.

Unfortunately, we have now had our own Bataclan. 

We must all work to eradicate this menace. Our society should have peace, not war. But we cannot achieve peace until the threat of terrorism is eliminated.

The Federal Judges Association of the United States very much appreciates the support of the French Magistrates.





A Message from the International Association of Judges:

Dear Honorable Colleagues,

The news made all of us terribly sad. I do not believe that those creatures who grimly mass-murdering tens of innocents are human...

Being a target of such brutal attacks will never make American society intimidated instead, encourage to maintain their peace-loving character without any fear in order to get much more admirable society. I know that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

We have to eradicate the sources of terrorism by fighting at the source with those who use all their means to produce and encourage radicalism. I stand with all American people who feel this torment in their hearts, in the fight against extremism and terrorism by defending the fundamental rights for everybody.

I believe the nature of the universe: love produces love; leniency produce leniency, wisdom produce wisdom but hate produce hate; ignorance produce ignorance too.

I believe sociological evolution which allows strongers prevailing over the weaker. Thus with all means we get to fight with ignorance, hate, extremism, radicalism and terrorism.

I believe we can proof that those western values like democracy, rule of law, respect for fundamental human rights and all kind of freedoms as well as getting along with the others will prevail over the undesirable customs​, attitudes remained dark ages, soon or later.

I believe that this kind of incidents will never be able to influence the American people's belief, leniency, and peace-loving character.  

For the society of this Global Village as judges, as the brightest and the most responsible members of our societies we have to do more for the world-wide justice by protecting and promoting those long-awaited values and free society.

And we will do so...


It is quite interesting that the article titled “A Way of Solution for Extremism and Migration: Extinguishing the Fires at the Origin by Promoting Rule of Law and Humanistic Conscience” that I have written for the IAJ newsletter Issue 1-2016 has been published today​, on June 13, 2016​​ at the IAJ webpage​ coincidently just after Orlando Massacre. ​Please, look the first footnote of the article;

“...Some paragraphs of this article were written after the Charlie Hebdo attack in January 2015. Unfortunately the article has been completed after the second –more devastating- Paris terrorist attacks. Main purpose of this article is to call for standing as a united front against terrorism in these dark times. And, by transmitting my deepest sympathy and condolence I dedicate this article to all victims of the both Paris Massacres of 2015 and all French jurists. I would also extend my sincere wishes for all victims suffering from both extremism/terrorism and it’s guardians: totalitarian regimes.


Full text of the article awailable at:


And now, after the publishing of this article, I also extend my profound condolence and transmit deepest sympathy for you, your colleagues and for all entire family of victims in Orlando massacre suffering from both  extremism / terrorism and it’s guardians: totalitarian regimes.

My heart is now with you, with the victims, wounded people and all heartbroken American People.

Your Friend,

Dr. Mehmet Tank

Vice President of the International Association of Judges

First Study Commission (Status of Judiciary)



Response by Judge Charles Simpson:

Dear Mehmet,

Thanks very much for your kind expression of sympathy and solidarity.

These are difficult times everywhere. We were shocked to hear the recent news of the bomb in Istanbul near the university.

We must work to eradicate the threats to our societies and to bring peace to everyone.

I hope all is well with you and your lovely family.

Best Regards,



Response by Judge Allyson Duncan, President of the FJA: 

Thank you so much for those kind words,  I cannot tell you how deeply they are appreciated.  All the best to you.


Response by Judge Margaret McKewon, Past President of the FJA: 

My good friend Mehmet, thank you for these kind words. These are difficult times. I write from Paris where two days ago a policeman and his family were killed.

Thank you also for publishing your article in the IAJ newsletter about the situation in Turkey. Your struggle to make judicial independence a reality is a lesson for all of us.